VEES vs HD648

Side-by-side comparison between

The HD648 is our heavy duty product. It has a higher conditioning capacity, the terminals are further apart and the external fuse is 100% sealed (not just splash-proof).




Fork Terminals 8mm 8mm
Conditioning capacity 1500 Ah 2000 Ah
Cable reach 850 mm apart 1050 mm apart
Applications Small-Medium Medium-Large
Voltage 6v-48v 6v-48v
Waterproof rating IP65 IP67
External fuse Splash-proof 100% sealed
ISO9001 Certified
E11 Certified
CE Certified
RoHS Certified
RCM Certified
Global Warrenty 10 years 10 years
Manufactured Australia Australia

From the Manufacturer

VEES & HD648 Differences 

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