Sweden Volvo, Sweden

After 7 years of intensive field testing beginning  in 2004 and ending in 2011, Volvo increased battery service life in vehicles from an average of 2 years to over 5 years plus decreased electrical system faults by installing Megapulse, a saving of  $1,100 per annum, per vehicle over 5 years.  Since concluding their tests, Volvo Sweden has installed 100,000 Megapulse Green Energy sold under the Volvo Battery Reconditioner (VBR) brand in the aftermarket segment of new trucks sold in Europe, prior to customer delivery.

Norway Scania, Norway

“Over a 5-year period, Scania ran a large scale field test where 70 trucks were fitted with Megapulse Green Energy and compared the running costs associated with electrical system and battery maintenance to 70 identical trucks without Megapulse. The results showed a reduction in running costs and Electrical system faults from 56% to 0.3% with running on trucks fitted with Megapulse while trucks without Megapulse incurred running costs 50% higher. The results show that Megapulse is a cost reduction technology.”

Norway Mercedes, Norway

“Our experience with Megapulse Green Energy MBR has been astonishing. The boost Megapulse gives our vehicles electrical systems is amazing. Batteries get a better and longer life, which results in fewer electrical problems and maintenance cost savings in the thousands for our customers over the life of the vehicles we sell. In Norway with our extreme climate, Megapulse is saving us a lot of problems and we now fit Megapulse on every new Vito and Sprinter we sell prior to customer delivery.”

Norway Unibuss, Norway

“We are very pleased with the performance of the Megapulse Green Energy product after a 2 year field test carried out on our bus fleet. We now rarely need to replace batteries, and especially appreciate that all bus electronics function efficiently, which has increased the reliability of our buses and decreased downtime and maintenance required. We have now installed our entire fleet with the Megapulse Green Energy product”

Norway BAMA, Norway

“We tested Megapulse Green Energy on five order pickers in 2005. The result after one year of testing was very encouraging and we decided in 2006 to install Megapulse on all battery applications as well as all distribution vehicles at the Stokke facility. Our crews and managers confidently recommend Megapulse as a significant product in terms of cost reduction, safety and reliability.”

Australia Battery World, Australia

“We use the Megapulse Green Energy product in the workshop to recover and refresh degraded batteries and we also use Megapulse in our own fleet  of vehicles. We recommend  using Megapulse Green Energy to all our customers as a way to achieve the best possible performance and service life from the batteries  we sell.”

European Union Thermo King, Europe

“Megapulse Green Energy has been fitted to Thermo King refrigeration trailers in Europe since 2007. Thanks to the use of Megapulse Green Energy Technology, we have experienced a reduction in battery replacements and an increase in the run time of refrigeration trailers when not in transit.”

European Union REC Wafer, Europe

“We purchased our 1st Megapulse in 2009, for one of our forklifts in which batteries were failing. The cost to replace the batteries was high so our technicians advised after research was carried out , to purchase Megapulse instead of new batteries. The batteries in the forklift in question are still performing to this day at near new capacity. We are very impressed with how Megapulse keeps batteries in service longer. We have since purchased an additional 43 units.”