Megapulse Green Energy VEES


Congratulations on purchasing the most effective technology available today for obtaining maximum performance & maximum service life from your lead-acid batteries.



What it does

Megapulse VEE System is not a charger, it is a proven electronic device using a patented Pulse Technology to help batteries work harder and last longer by preventing a common cause of premature battery failure ‘Sulphation build-up on the battery plates’.

The technology

Pulse Technology has been independently tested and proven by respected scientific organizations around the world to be an effective remedy against Sulphation. Pulse Technology has also been in Military use since 1974.


The Megapulse device is connected directly across the terminals of a battery (or battery pack) up to a nominal voltage of 48V and is powered by the battery it is conditioning. The unit is equipped with a 3 second start up delay to eliminate sparking upon connection to the battery. It is water, dust and vibration proof, with an IP6 (main body) & IP6 (fuse housing).

Operating modes

  1. CONSTANT mode, continuous operation (default mode after first connection or power failure)
  2. WINDOW mode, operation suspended during high battery voltage (e.g. while engine operating)
  3. HIGH mode, operation only during high battery voltage (battery under charge)
The latter two modes are helpful in situations where the pulses from the unit may cause unwanted interference to AM radios during operation or in Electric Vehicle applications. While battery voltage is within bounds (according to selected operating mode), a pulse is continually applied to the battery. ‘BATTERY OK” or “CHECK BATTERY” light will flash whenever a pulse is being delivered to the battery.

Pulse Information

  • Pulse repetition Approx 5kHz
  • Pulse duration Approx 1.5μs
  • Pulse amplitude 1-37 Vpp, varies depending on battery inductance


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