Questions & Answers

Is it a charger?

No. Megapulse green energy is a patented automated maintenance system. It cannot recharge is discharged battery. Megapulse is a battery desulfator which rejuvenates sick batteries by reversing degradation. It can be used with any voltage regulated charging system, including AC/DC, DC/DC, wind & solar.

How does the technology work?

Megapulse is a patented process to eliminate electrical system faults that occur due to voltage losses. These losses are created by battery plate degradation that happens during everyday normal use. Megapulse reverses this degradation and allows the battery to power the electrical system at full voltage.

How does Megapulse differ from other pulse products?

Simple. It is a superior product. Zero defects or failures since 2011. Full replacement global warranty. And the fact that it is used by Volvo, Scania, Mercedes and many others mean that we have already gone through all the rigorous testing and certification process and have proved our quality, safety & reliability.

What if my charger already has a maintenance program built in?

There is no direct comparison. A charger simply limits you to being stationery. Megapulse is an on-board 24/7 conditioning technology. Chargers just pulse the DC on and off very quickly, whereas Megapulse uses patented dual pulse technology.

How much longer will my batteries last?

In short, up to 3 times longer. It depends on many factors. Batteries have enough reactive material inside them to last for 10 years or more, but degradation prevents this from happening. Megapulse eliminates degradation and allows batteries to reach their full potential. Thus maximum voltage and maximum service life.

Megapulse patented technology has been evaluated by CSIRO, Unitech Energy, Volvo Sweden, Scania Sweden and Mercedes Norway as well as many commercial fleet operators.

Will it help electrical components?

Certainly. If the batteries are in peak condition then the alternator doesn’t have to work that hard. The engine will start easier and your motor will last longer. Your vehicles electrical system will run at full voltage so you will achieve the best possible fuel economy and reduced greenhouses emissions.

Will it work on Gel-Cell or AGM batteries?

Yes. Megapulse works on Gel-Cell & AGM batteries. In fact, it works on all batteries except for lithium and NICAD.

Will it work with different voltage systems?

Yip. Megapulse is multi-voltage, auto-sensing & auto-settings. It can be used with all DC systems from 6 to 48 volts. Megapulse can also be connected in series, so you can go beyond 48 volts. Multiple Megapulse units can condition large battery banks, ie a 144 volt systems can be fitted with 3x 48 volt Megapulse units. Contact us for installation instructions.

Can I connect it while charging the battery?

Yes. It works in both the charge and discharge cycles. It is independent of the charge system and will run regardless of whether a charge is coming in to or going out of the electrical system.

Will it drain my battery of not being charged?

Megapulse uses just 10 milliamp per hour and 240 milliamp per day. Megapulse version 1.3 also has a low voltage disconnect that kicks in at 50% discharge. This means you’ll always be able to start the engine. The low voltage disconnect will only take place if a vehicle is left idle for long periods (8+ weeks).

Can I use it on more than one battery at a time?

Yip. Megapulse is designed to work on a single battery or a bank of batteries, up to 2000 ampere hours (Ah) per unit. For bank over 2000 Ah, just add another Megapulse in series and it will increase the rating by another 2000 Ah per unit. Contact us for installation instructions.

Can it be moved from battery to battery?

Yip, minimum 3 months. But we recommend a permanent installation. Degradation happens from the moment acid is added to the battery and continues 24/7. A permanent installation eliminates existing degradation and prevents it from re-occurring.

Will it harm on-board computers or electronics?

No. The technology has been tested by Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, Unitech Energy and CSIRO. It is safe to use on all DC electrical systems used in vehicles, vessels, equipment and crafts including on-board computers and electronics.

How does it impact the environment?

It protects the environment from discarded lead-acid batteries. It reduces the number of batteries produced, recycled or dumped every year. Megapulse increases battery life so decreases the need for new batteries. Furthermore, vehicles that run on healthy batteries have better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Can I upgrade to the latest model?

Yip. Send us your old model and upgrade to the latest model at 50% off the RRP. Valid for all customers, worldwide, even without the original proof of purchase. Just send us your old model, pay the difference and we will send your new model. We ship via airmail at no additional cost to you.

Can I upgrade if my model is out of warranty?

Yip, you may. Same procedure as above.