Make your batteries last 3x longer

megapulse reduces The High Cost of Battery Degradation

Degradation Voltage loss Unreliability

The Problem

DC electrical systems are designed to be efficient, but in reality Vehicles & Vessels & Equipment often operate outside design parameters. This degrades batteries quickly and leads to inefficiency, unreliability & component failure.

The Cause

Batteries are a degrading technology by nature. Degraded batteries create voltage losses that affect system functionality. Degraded batteries also run hot because of more internal resistance. This creates gas & electrolyte boil-off which is corrosive & explosive.

The Solution

Megapulse stops degrading batteries in its tracks. Megapulse uses dual pulse technology to re-energize the inactive material that clogs up battery plates. It returns the inactive material to active duty and allows the battery to run at full voltage once again.

Real-world examples

Fork-lift battery (cost R25k each) replacement period increased from 18 months to 126 months (from 1½ years to over 10 years). Volvo increased battery life from <2 to >5 years, saving over $1100/yr over 5 years and pre-fitted 100,000 Megapulse units to vehicles prior to customer delivery.

These fine corporations all use Megapulse